Our Quality and Trustworthy Services
103jobs dedicated team of professional consultants and marketing experts are all well-equipped with practical experience and are here to assist you in addressing your foreign manpower requirements.

At 103jobs, you can be assured that your needs are fulfilled with our utmost attention and confidentiality. Our broad range of professional services includes pre and post selection of manpower, all right up to your very doorsteps.

Summary of Services Provided

  1. i.      Professional counseling and consulting services regarding foreign manpower matters.
  2. ii.     Assist in foreign manpower selection and overseas placement management
  3. iii.    Pre-selection interview by Malaysian employees in country of origin
  4. iv.    Handle all necessary documentation and procedures for the deployment of foreign workers to Malaysia
  5. v.     Safe and timely delivery of foreign manpower to Malaysia.
  6. vi.    Renewal of work permits
  7. vii.     Handle application to attain Expatriates Service (DP10)
  8. viii.    Conduct Induction Training programmes.
  9. ix.     Provide approval Malaysia Training (MTP Code:S140119)
  10. x.    Handle outsourcing of foreign workers. (License No 637/1-4/205/068)
  11. xi.   Assist in “Malaysia My Second Home” Program
  12. xii.  Counseling for foreign manpower, if and when necessary
  13. xii.  Provides professional translator