It’s Our Expertise to Outsource For You

Besides assisting in supplying of foreign labor directly to employer, we are also involved in foreign worker OUTSOURCING CONCEPT where our company provides fully managed foreign workers on behalf of Malaysian employer throughout the country. Understanding the needs and requirement of each individual company, we are trying very hard to provide a quality and efficient foreign worker to each of our customer.

Do feel free to contact any of our team of consultants and marketing experts to know more about our outsourcing packaging and see how they can help to remove those time-consuming human resources related tasks. Just inform us of your needs and requirement in terms of type of labor required and let us handle all the necessary arrangement for you.

As an outsourcing provider, we undertake to do the followings:

  • i.   Fully manage all matters relating to the foreign workers
    •      -Preparation salary
  •      -Accommodation and transportation
  •      -Medical and Insurance coverage
  •      -Payroll Administration
  •      -Hostel Management
  •      -Medical Benefits Admin Insurance
  • ii.  Provide renewal services for work permits and passports
  • iii. Provide counseling services
  • iv. Manage Immigration matters
  • v.  Oversea arrival and return of foreign workers from and to their source countries